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Entry point information will only be available for searches dated after 1 September 2017.


Welcome to the new and improved Blue Security crime map! Navigate through the tutorial for an overview of the features and functionality of the map. Use the left hand side panel to filter information, and click on the Crime Report tab on the right hand side menu for reporting on corresponding trends.

Set Location

Specify your location as a central point to filter information from. Do this by either typing the desired address in the search bar, or clicking on the gold navigational icon to automatically pinpoint your device’s location.


Radius lets you limit incidents displayed on the map to the selected distance around the set location. Only incidents that occurred within that radius will display for an easy and targeted view of crime in that area.

Get Notifications

Set up various locations to receive an email notification if an incident reported to us occurred within that predetermined radius. If you work in Pinetown, live in Waterfall and the kids go to school in Hillcrest, create a separate location for each of these places and be notified if crime took place nearby.

When and Where

The specifics. Filter incidents by custom date and time ranges for results most relevant to your search. Whether you’re interested in incidents for the past day, week or even 6 months ago, or want to look at crime on specific days, you can do it from here.

Entry points and Weather patterns

New features on the map include the ability to filter by points of entry and weather patterns. Use these filters to see the most common ways burglars gain entry to properties, and how crime fluctuates depending on the weather.

Incident Type

This is a list of all the types of incidents reported to our control centre, with each individual incident represented by a different coloured circle on the map. By default, all types are selected, so use this legend to deselect certain incidents to focus on others. Also see the closest hospitals, police stations and fire stations, neighbourhood watch groups and Community Policing Forums active in your area.

Incident Specifics

Click on any of the circles on the map to pull up more information on that specific incident. This includes the type of incident, exact date and time, road name and suburb, and what the weather was like at that moment.


Underneath the Crime Report tab you’ll find a neat visual representation of all the filtered information in the form of graphs and charts. This lets you dig a little deeper into crime stats and trends in one, easy to understand view.

Day and Time Peaks

Once you’ve selected the time and date ranges, look here for spikes and dips in specific days of the week and times throughout the day.

Entry points and Weather patterns

Recorded points of entry and weather patterns captured over the filtered time period will be displayed here as percentages. This gives an immediate overview of how weather affected crime trends, if at all, and what the most vulnerable points of entry were.


You will need to register to be able to set up locations and receive notifications. Once logged in, keep your personal and account information up to date and manage your locations from your profile.